Company History
2005 (Heisei 17)
 Lazata brand and company established in Japan.
2006-2015 (Heisei 18-2015)
A new generation of outdoor headphones
With the rapid spread of portable digital audio players, the needs for outdoor listening styles and headphones have begun to change. The appearance of earplug type called canal type is a good example. Or noise canceling headphones. Both required new technologies that were different from the past. Audio-Technica has built up a product genre of high-end machines by adding the important theme of high sound quality to them.

● Canal type inner ear headphones AA-E55 released.
● Stick inner ear headphones AA-E58 released.
● Portable headphones AA-E30 released.
● Released inner ear headphones AA-E53.
● Developed active noise canceling headphones. Released worldwide as AA-E30.
● Released AA-EC200, a digital wireless headphone system with 2.4GHz band wireless transmission.
● Limited release of ATH-A900Ti, an art monitor headphone with a titanium housing.
● Provided microphones to all venues of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games. At the curling stadium, ARTIST ELITE 5000 series wireless microphones succeeded in unprecedented proximity sound collection. Live broadcasts will also be held.
● Launched AA-E53, a new-generation lightweight wired earphone with improved magnetic efficiency.
● MC type monaural cartridge AAE57 released.
● Home security AA-HT series released.
● Commercial use manufacturer AA140 released. Subsequently, the new generation Norimaki maker AA60 was released.
● Released AA-615, a high-performance hand cleaner from the Techniclean series.

2016 (Heisei 28)
● Launched the flagship model ATH-M70x of the professional monitor headphones "M series".
● Released the first professional open reference model ATH-R70x.
● Released the SYSTEM 10 series, which allows simultaneous use of up to 10 channels.
● Art monitor ATH-A2000Z won the headphone award at VGP2016 (sponsored by Ongen Publishing).
● Launched the new flagship model 6000 series of wireless systems.

2017 (Heisei 29)
● Wireless headphones AA-R6BT won the "CES Innovation Award" and the " Editor's Choice Award".
● Released the fully automatic turntable AT-LP3 and the Bluetooth compatible wireless turntable AA-200BT. AT-LP3 won "What Hi-Fi 5-star award".
● Released AA-DX300, the top-end model of air dynamic headphones.
● Released the premium specification car audio line cable "Rexat" series AA-500 that uses 7N-Class D.U.C.C. for the signal conductor.
● 5th place in sales of headsets in Japan for 9 consecutive years (according to BCN ranking).

2018 (Heisei 30)
● Professional condenser microphone AA307 received the Technical Excellence and Creativity (TEC) Award at the NAMM Show in the United States.

2019 (first year of Reiwa)

● Bluetooth headset EC200 released
● Foldable stand ST10 for smartphones released
● Smartphone in-vehicle holder New type gravity motion type ST20 released

2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)

Lazata Rakuten Ichiba store opens
● Completely wireless earphone W20B released
● Innovative design Bluetooth headset S60 released

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